Est. 11.21.2017

What is GSAVE?
This is simply a coin rescue of Gain Coin (GAINS) done right.  GAINS was a rescue of Buzz Cash but the developers in our opinion did many things wrong and we feel it is a “shit” and “scam” coin.  The way GAINS was handled is scandalous to say the least and we believe the owners of the coin deserve a way to preserve their investments with reliable honest developers.  For those who own the coin, especially those who have bought one of the many rounds of packages offered, and followed the Discord discussions of lies, deception, empty promises, and bullshit this new coin will be a refreshing and rewarding option.  We will be transparent, direct, and honest with holders of this coin.  We hope this salvage effort will save and reward those who bought into the scam of GAINS.

Peace of mind with GSAVE!

The Future:

Now that the swap is over this coin has been turned over to the community at large.  The development team will stay by your side to help and guide you.  Like you we have no other desire other than to see GSAVE thrive and flourish.  We will continue to enhance the coin and will listen to all comments and suggestions from the community.  This is your coin!!  Let us make it a great coin!


Coin Name: GSAVE
Ticker: GSAVE
POW Algorithm: SHA256d
Minimum TX fee: 0.0001 GSAVE
POW Rewards: 15 GSAVE / block + fees
             mining will be enabled from day 1
POS Rewards: 100%/yr nominal (+ block fees)
             3 day minimum staking time
             no maximum staking time
             staking starts when we first get a listing
Confirmations Required: 10 blocks (transactions)
                                         20 blocks (mined/minted)
Premine:  16M GSAVE
               80K (0.5%) for developers
               360K (2.25%) for listings
               360K (2.25%) for promotions
               15.2M (95%) for incoming coin swaps
                     - 1 GSAVE for 1K GAINS
                     - remainder burned 1 month after listing
Expected max supply: 40-50M GSAVE
Address first letter: G (S for script address)
             (g/s for testnet)
RPC Port: 56730 (46730 for testnet)
P2P Port: 56740 (46740 for testnet)

PLEASE NOTE: The wallets for each part of the premine will be published and not allowed to stake.
For Developers:   GZnt8QyZbVhsHMXhBx9J9Ga6gyCH2xMZ4G  
These funds have been distributed. the developers have donated a portion of these funds to the Promotions wallet with some additional funds

For Promotions:   GR15q8Qk8YMjdTrwGVbGZMajsqmyWLQiy5
The community voted to add funds from the Swapping wallet at the end of the swap to the Promotions wallet and to carry it past the original burning date.  The developers have agreed to this and will use these funds to expand and strengthen the community at large.  Furthermore, the developers have added some of the coins from the Developers Fund and additional personal funds to this wallet.  These funds will be used till they run out.  Contributions to this wallet are greatly encouraged!

For Listings:   GRD8GwfX122nv7h4fmuhPTwfspzRQisjg
This wallet was burned.

For Swap:  GfU9QLkFJVzTT8gZhFgL738uEQRFfagwZj
This wallet was burned.


Windows Wallet:!ZaBQ1Kpa!Eg30a_tSGRKUOdahpCStDkhLqwAQVDuFQUUWteTt5Ok

Make sure you are using the V wallet!!!

Useful Links:

Official Pool:
White Paper:!EDp1RBoZ!baZhrn2z8aWImrbzhuhfufve4nl-cbWajAvnrTU8JEo



Discord Server:  

The discord server is the best place for the community to meet and chat.  It is the place to find out all of the current happenings in the GSAVE community such as current AIRDROPS and other promotions.


Coins Markets:

Trade Satoshi


So how will the swap be done?
The coin swap will begin immediately upon launching of the coin.  For each surrendered 1000 Gains coins 1 GSAVE coin will be returned.  On a near daily basis all GAINS coins will be burned.  Our rationale for burning GAINS coins is to aid those coin holders of GAINS that choose not to participate in this project.  The coin swap will continue till 30 days after GSAVE is first listed on an exchange with the remaining coins burned.  There will be no grace period.  Upon termination of the coin swap, all coins held in the listings and promotions wallets will be burned.

THE SWAP ENDED ON 12/22/2017

Comments and questions are freely encouraged!

Donations would be greatly appreciated to offset costs for this coin which we paid for out of our own pockets. 
You can transfer any coin or your dust as a donation  to our Trade Satoshi account GSAVE_Coin or send BTC directly to 1HbFRVAc8NYvmCVDiqjkNuDwp11haWW6Gr